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Weekend in Dublin

After having to cancel the weeklong trip we were planning to take to Ireland for New Year’s 2022 due to the Omicron variant, we were so excited to finally make our way to Dublin this August for a long-overdue weekend getaway in Ireland. The trip was made even better because we went with one of Andy’s friends from high school, who planned the majority of the (flawless) weekend for us—and I must say, it was really nice to just be along for the ride for once.

Weekend in Slovenia

I had been dying to visit Lake Bled for years, even though we really knew next to nothing about Slovenia before our trip. We were pleasantly surprised by (and now are kind of obsessed with) this tiny, mountainous, and incredibly green country surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and the Adriatic Sea. I truly don’t have anything but wonderful things to say about our experience in Slovenia.

Weekend in Nice

One of the downsides of living abroad is that we have inevitably had to miss lots of big moments for our friends and family back home, including several weddings that we would have normally attended. On the flip side, it is much easier for us to go to destination weddings in places like the French Riveria, which is how we ended up spending the first weekend in July in the Côte d’Azur celebrating the wedding of one of my favorite colleagues. It truly couldn’t have been a more idyllic experience.